Chinese American Association of Plainview (CAAP) is established by Chinese american residents in Plainview. The mission is to serve the Chinese Americans and non-Chinese American residents in the Plainview-Old Bethpage community.

Plainview 位于长岛中西部,总面积为5.7平方英里(15平方公里)。根据2015年人口调查数据显示,Plainview约有28,390人口,白人约占84.1%,亚裔约占14.1%,其中华人约为879人,占总人口数的3.1%。近几年,华裔所占比例仍在持续增加,且每年迁入Plainview的家庭数量持续上升。

Plainview 华协 (Chinese American Assocition of Plainview, CAAP) 由本地华人居民自行组织创建,以加强华人联谊,增进信息交流,争取华人平等权益,帮助新居民顺利融入,共享学校教育与医疗资源等利民为目的,以"共享信息, 共创资源,共建家园"为宗旨,致力于创建华人美好家园,热心组织社区文化传播,传承中国文化。


Welcome to the Chinese-American Association of Plainview (CAAP)!

Plainview is a 5.7 square mile Long Island hamlet, situated in Nassau County in the Town of Oyster Bay. According to the 2015 census, the population was approximately 28,390 with the two dominant racial demographics being 84.1% White and 14.1% Asian (of which 879 or 3.1% of the population are Chinese). In response to a growing Chinese-American population, CAAP was founded by enthusiastic Plainview Chinese-American residents.

CAAP is is a non-profit community organization founded on the principles of friendship and inclusion. Our mission is to provide support for our Chinese-American community as well as to empower new immigrants and residents by educating them of available resources. We aim to strengthen our community by providing information to civic and educational services including local schools, elections, and medical resources. We want our families to achieve independence and to be active and productive members of Plainview. CAAP also strives to educate the public about our wonderful Chinese heritage. We seek and welcome cultural exchange and engagement with our neighbors and community. CAAP’s ultimate goal is to create and drive a welcoming community of friendship of inclusion and solidarity for our Chinese-American residents and neighbors.